With it being Thanksgiving we’re celebrating all things Americana this week; Budweiser, baseball, hamburgers and of course Dolly Parton. Here at Pelirocco we have a Dolly themed room ‘Dollywould’ in tribute to the queen of country western. We had a little chat with the designer, Cait Habeshaw.


“Hi Cait. First of all, when was the room made?”

I designed the room several years ago now, but you’d have to ask Marco for the exact date! (2008) It needed to be done as the previous room design, Cissy Mo, had to change as it was themed about a shop in Brighton that has sadly closed down.

“What made you want to design a Dolly Parton themed room?”

I chose Dolly Parton for several reasons; we didn’t have a popular/country and western theme already. I thought it would appeal to men and women, gay and straight people. I also thought it would be an interesting, positive, bright and cheerful theme. Even if you didn’t like Dolly as she has a lot of humour in her work and this was reflected in the design.

“What are your favourite features in the room?”

My favourite feature in the room is in fact the features- all the little bits and pieces that come together to make up the whole.

“In designing the room were there any challenges?”

There were a few challenges: the picket fence was surprisingly tricky to find! There is a huge slab of metal on the wall- this room was made on a budget so I had it papered with stone effect wall paper. Similarly, we had to work with the shelved and glazed alcoves, rather than remove them. We incorporated them into the room by dressing them Dolly style with diamante cowboy boots and wigs.

“What is your favourite dolly song?”

My favourite Dolly song is Bargain Store (sob!)

“If you had to theme another room what would you go for?”

I always wanted to design a Vivienne Westwood room but what a nightmare it would be- copyright, clearance etc. I did meet with someone from Westwood to discuss the possibility but I very soon realised that it would not be practical!

A big thank you to Cait for designing the room and answering our questions. If any cowboys or cowgirls want to come and stay with Dolly get in touch…