This weekend see’s Brighton open it’s gates to The Great Escape; one of the UK’s biggest alternative festivals set across many different venue’s all over the city. The festival showcases loads of new artists and bands in a wide variety of genres with some big headliners and a few brilliant secret gigs. Alongside The Great Escape is The Alternative Escape, and here at Pelirocco we are delighted to be a part of it thanks to SyncSquirrel’s Emily Dean. Our Bar Manager Alis caught up with Emily for a quick natter about the festival and her event…

Hi Emily! We’re super excited to welcome you and the team back to Pelirocco for your fourth year of hosting an all day event over The Great Escape Weekend. What makes you keep returning to the Pelirocco bar? We’re so glad that you do!  

Thank you so much for having me back.  It’s an addiction I can’t seem to kick-Hotel Pelirocco is like home to me!  A great Atmosphere and lovely staff- A great combo for the perfect venue.

You’ve got an amazing line up this year on Saturday 20th of May and we cant wait to catch them all rocking the bar. Which two acts do you think are the most different to each other and why? 

I love mixing it up and creating an element of surprise when I plan what acts I want to perform at this event.  I am very fussy about which artists I want to play.  For me it’s not about keeping to the same genre but just ensuring each act is amazing not only audibly but visually too.  They are all unique in their own way.  The most different on a musical genre spectrum…??  Hmmm I’d say…the Rock N’ Roll fuzziness of Rex Speedway & Thee Fortune Tellers and the Hiphop party vibes of our final act…the incredibly talented Bobbie Johnson!

We can’t wait to see them perform in the bar and all the other amazing acts that you have on the bill.  What other acts are you planning to see over the weekend?

 I’m not planning anything over the festival.  I like just stumbling upon surprises and seeing what happens.  I have tried to plan in the past and it ended up in disappointment (not getting in to see the band I had hoped to see).  So not planning equals no disappointment – just delight 😉

That sounds good to us! Though if you had to plan something, where would your dream venue be to host or to see a show?

On another planet! Now that would be cool some day…Imagine travelling in a rocket to some far away place where only a select few were invited to the great gig in the sky! Oh…now that reminds me of one of my favourite Pink Floyd tracks…

I think you’re on to something there as long as we can come along too – maybe there are no post festival hangovers in Space? Speaking of, if you had to invent a cocktail to sip at the Peli bar in between acts what would you come up with?

Well tequila always gets me dancing – does that mix with Tuaca? Maybe not…how about tequila and champagne slammers? Oh you said sip…I don’t do sipping!

Eeeek sounds lethal – count me in! Finally, if you had to pick one of our rooms to describe one of your acts what room would it be for who and why?

I would definitely pick ‘Lord Vadar’s Quarters’ for MOVIESTAR, my Norwegian beauties. They claim to be from the distant future and maybe from another planet. Last time they came to Pelirocco they fell in love with the golden legs in the bathroom. If you’ve not seen them before and if there is only one band to see this weekend then this is the band you do NOT want to miss!!

Thanks so much for this insight Emily, we really are so happy to have you back for another great year at The Pelirocco.

And to everyone else – make sure you head on down to Pelirocco on May 20th to catch some of these amazing bands. Escape to Pelirocco starts at 3pm with tunes blasting out till 11pm and a late night bar.

See you on the dancefloor