A month ago we set our Rocco Regulars Loyalty Club members a challenge: who can come up with the best name for this new badass beverage designed by our wonderful bar manager Alis?

A heady mix of Brugal White Rum, Kraken Spiced Rum, Cointreau, Passoa, Chambord, Lime, Grenadine, Sugar & Pineapple – its a tropical feast!

name the cocktail competition winner
The prize of this creative contest is a namecheck on our new 2016 Cocktail Menu in the infamous Pelirocco bar. And of course a couple of said cocktails on the house during their next visit.
Over the month we’ve lots of inventive and outrageous entries including Paula’s cheeky ‘Bram Stroker’ and Keven’s hilarious ‘The Furry Cup’!

Drum roll please… We are delighted to announce Richard Skilbeck’s ‘The Titan’ as the name the cocktail competition winner!

Where did Richard get his inspiration?

Kraken spiced rum makes me (and everybody of a certain age) think of ‘Release the Kraken’ from Clash of the Titans (the original, not the remake!), hence the name…

Also, I understand a Titan is another name for a greek god, which is what I imagine you’d feel like after a couple of these…

Hear hear Richard! Congratulations we look forward to serving you up a Titan soon

And big thanks to everyone who entered. Want to get in on the competition action? Make sure you sign up to our Rocco Regulars Loyalty Club – its free to join and you get tons of Pelirocco perks so whats not to love? Sign up today via our homepage

In the meantime head on over to the Pelirocco for a Titan soon