There’s nothing like refreshing the team spirit in your workplace at the start of a new year like treating your staff to a spot of offsite team-building…

Team-building at Hotel Pelirocco

Team-building at Hotel Pelirocco

As well as throwing rock n roll parties and unique getaways the Pelirocco also plays host to alternative team-building activities and away-days for a whole crowd of businesses and companies looking for something a little bit different.

Teambuilding at Hotel Pelirocco

Teambuilding at HP – designing room themes

The eclectic interiors of our Brighton meeting rooms create an inspiring environment for groups large and small looking to engage with their colleagues away from the confines of the office. A recent group even took direct inspiration from the hotel: splitting into small groups to create large mood boards to design 3 new rock n roll bedrooms for the hotel in a competition judged by Pelirocco staff as part of the team-building activities during their stay
Events are tailored to each group’s specific needs whilst our 19 themed bedrooms accommodate those wanting to host an overnighter. From karaoke to cocktail-making classes there’s something for everyone looking to relight their company fires at Brighton’s original rock n roll boutique hotel

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