Project Description

Koibito Hangover Kits

Expecting a big one ? Hangover kits are available at Reception to sooth your head and body the morning after.

Singles Kit

Bag contains sachet of each of the following;

1 x Vit B Complex,

1 x Milk Thistle 125 mg for your liver,

1 x Nux Vom – 30c,

1 x 5-HTP 50 mg brain food,

1 x Re-hydration,

1 x Cooling Head Strips,

Plus: 1 x Essential Oil Lavender Roll On helps to ease insomnia.

Couples Edition Kit

Bag contains 2 of everything listed above and also:

3 x Fairsquared condoms.

“You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on” Dean Martin

“One more drink, and I will be under the host” Mae West